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Established in the year 2008, Oxycool is the brand name of Shelke Beverages Pvt. Limited. A Maharashtra based company of Packaged Drinking water & Mineral water Suppliers  Headquartered at Pune. has grown on to become the most trusted brand of beverage industry in India.

Having introduced the world endorsed and famous treatment processes, Shelke Beverages Pvt. Ltd has steadily become synonymous with pure and quality products. With a plethora of other products already under its name, it is poised to reach new heights and change the landscape of beverage industry in India.

water is life, Leveraging the skills of our qualified team of professionals, we are instrumental in offering a wide range of Pure Packaged Drinking Water in India. We are the distinguished Manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water based in Pune India. We provide excellent quality of water in order to ensure their safe delivery to the clients. oxycool Mineral water is the creation of one of India’s most prominent manufacturer of packaged drinking water, with over (10+) years of experience in beverages, & partner of all the mineral water suppliers of India. We have marked a distinct and dynamic position in the market by providing high-quality Mineral water by heading as a leading company choice for all mineral water suppliers in India.

Pure Is Secure

In this day & age, when you’re on the run 24/7; you need something Pure by your side that Secure, revives & recharges you every time you slow down. Oxycool-a quality product of Shelke Group with wide range of products cleanses you, and quenches your thirst for more. It lets you gulp down your worries and gives you a new life to sip on. We are talking about the refreshing taste of purity that you crave for, that gives you the power to keep on going, keep on moving, It makes you live Non-stop.

Product Composition

On its path from streams to underground through layers of mineral rock. Oxycool has become naturally enriched with minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and oxygen, which give it a unique, recognizable and silky taste. Oxycool has an exceptionally balanced and stable mineral composition which is regularly supervised throughout the year.



“We believe that Quality of product is not what you put into it,instead it is what customers are getting!
That’s why we focus more on quality.”





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One of Oxycool’s crucial properties is the fact that nothing disturbs its connection with nature. The most contemporary German filling technology makes it possible to fill pure and hygienic water into the bottle, without any external impacts, thus preserving its original natural purity.

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Do mineral water suppliers in Pune supply water to corporate and industries?

Yes.mineral water suppliers in pune take your order by phone call and give your delivery on given address.

What is the difference between RO water and mineral water?

RO Water:This is Raw Water Treated through a particular process called Reverse Osmosis. This is pressure filtration method to screen out very very fine particals present in water through a fine membrane.

Mineral Water:Actual Mineral Water doesn’t require any treatment besides removal of turbidity & odour. The water from springs, live streams etc.

What's difference between Mineral Water & Packaged Drinking Water?

Mineral Water (Packaged Natural Mineral Water) is actually the water containing the best possible Minerals in it at the source, as per BIS, hence no added Minerals, No treatment except filteration, no RO.

Packaged Drinking Water (Other than Packaged Natural Mineral Water) is not that good at source, hence is first treated by RO by removing all from it & adding back the required Minerals

Is a packaged mineral drinking water business profitable?

The answer to your question is YES, if done in a proper, right way. In fact, it is applicable to all businesses.