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About Oxycool

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With German Technology that secures and preserves the original goodness of water, Oxycool is an undisturbed connection to nature in a bottle. 

Straight from the stream and underground channels of mineral rock layers, Oxycool carries added minerals such as calcium, magnesium and oxygen that enrich the water with a unique taste you will remember. 

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About Oxycool


In the daily hustle and bustle of your life, hydration is a must. A perennial source, water amounts to around 75% of the average human body. Take a sip and replenish with the goodness of hydration. 

TASTE NATURE in every drop

Much-needed goodness of hydration that is synonymous with purity and quality. Revive and replenish with Oxycool.

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With Purity and Quality as our foundation, Oxycool is
the fourth-largest packaged mineral water brand in Maharashtra.
A trusted brand, Oxycool promises to deliver
premium quality packaged drinking water.

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